The Big Bad Wolf (bigbadw0lf) wrote in grimm_2000,
The Big Bad Wolf

Happy Hunting

Once upon a time, in a city of heat, even at night,

Steam rose from manholes, hissing like snakes rising from around the edges. The air was heavy and wet, and the west side was plunged deep into a thick fog. Orbs of light hovered here and there around the streets where the streetlamps offered some sanctuary from the suffocating inky darkness. Neon signs flashing ‘XXX’ and ‘New Fine Arts’. And though the night was ominous and reeked of something vile, this by no means lessened the bodies lining the sidewalks, crossing the streets, and walking in and out of shops. This was LA, and LA never sleeps.

This was also the perfect time of night, when visibility is close to nill, for a wolf to go hunting. Tommy had his big red, canine eyes set on this nice place on Sycamore. Two stories. Rich folks. Probably had an alarm system… but Tommy wasn’t concerned with that. The pig cops couldn’t do shit to HIM. He was the Big Bad Wolf. He was invincible!

So, with quick steps he made his way to the house, leaping over the stone fence to hit the ground hand on the other side with a growl of an ‘Oof!’ He then proceeded to a window… Tommy stood tall, balling his huge hands into fists, and sucked in two lung-fulls of air. With a mighty blow, the window in front of his cracked into a spider web of lines until it shattered and exploded, raining down on the grass.

The silent alarm was tripped, but Tommy still took his time. He filled his pillow sack with gold, electronics, expensive statues, and silverware until he couldn’t carry anymore. By the time he leapt back out the window, he could hear the sirens closing in. The wolf made a clean get-away…

Back on the street, carrying a sack full of valuables, he headed towards the pawn shop…
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