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Grimm Tales: 2000
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Who says there are no such things are fairytales?

Present times. Magic is weilded at the tips of the fingers who know how to conjure it. People are clamoring to take control of Las Angeles: The Police, The Mafia, The Politicians, and The Citizens. Competition has gotten so heated that the ones in charge are unearthing an ancient power buried in the sands of time. With it comes witches, sorcerers, fairies, wolves, and princes. Can modern new York possibly be prepared for what's about to happen?



1. No god-moding. This includes puppeting. You cannot control other peoples' characters. Do what's good for the plot, please. I hate when RPGs have power-struggles going on OOC (out of character).
2. Be original. You will not be accepted if you can't come up with something that hasn't been done a million times before.
3. Post often, because the story can't continue if everyone's waiting for your one post that you submit once a month. Once a day would be great, but I know school has started, so a minimum of three times a week.
4. Be courteous, in which case I mean don't pick fights. You all should be mature enough to handle a little dispute, but if things repeatidly get out of hand, I will lay some smackdown.
5. Regarding formatted text, don't make it a habit. Italics and bolds can be used for emphasis once in a while, but no funky colors. It's distracting and sometimes hard to read.
6. This is not an RPG for people who write one-paragraph posts. All posts must have substance in order to make a better experience for everyone. If you can't handle that, don't apply.
7. Everyone will be limited to two characters each maximum in the beginning. If you would like more than two, you'll have to do a good job at convincing me. YOU CAN HAVE OCs (Original Characters). Just make them fit.
8. Read the rules. Of course, that's a given. It's your own fault if you don't and accidentally do something you didn't read about.
9. You don't have to make a whole new LJ just for this RPG. However, if you like making character journals, feel free.
10. This RPG follows a third-person story format. Example:

He tossed a glance in the other person's direction, "What it is, yo?"

11. This is a rated R game, which means sex, gore, cussing, and other adult-themed situations. Consider it a fair warning. If you're not up for it, don't apply.
12. You must post two things behind an lj cut: Long posts, and mature situations (mature situations also must be labeled as such so people know what they're about to click). If you don't know how to make an lj cut, go to Livejournal's FAQ under 'Help'.

Violation of rules can result in banning.



It's not a good RPG without some character conflict, eh?

Fighting will still follow a storyline format. What I would like for the fighters to do is get together and choreograph something. This allows for some good twists in the fight and keeps a reader interested. I don't want players to just beat each other up back and forth, just looking to win the battle. It matters less who wins and loses than what the fight does for the story.


Need some ideas?

Here's a list of fables we accept characters from. It's not limited to these.

Little Red Riding Hood
The Three Little Pigs
Beauty and the Beast
Hansel and Grettel
Snow White


Taken Characters:

The Big Bad Wolf


Moderator: Red. Contact: Riddle882 (AIM)